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Baseball Brains is a group of coaches that got together many years ago based on their mutual desire to improve the way baseball is coached and played. The pillars that our philosophies are built on revolve around the mental game of baseball, something we feel is critical in baseball success. While we believe the mental game is key, we also have observed in our dozens of combined years of coaching, that it is extremely undercoached. While most coaches that we speak with agree that the mental game is important, they simply don't have any good ways for their guys to actually work on it. We exist to provide those tools.We are made up of pitching, catching, and hitting specialists who have experience from youth baseball to professional baseball. We believe that coaching is an evolution, and we are always adding to our knowledge and to our ranks. We believe the mental game is more than psychology; it's toughness, it's focus, it's attitude. There are dozens of ways to add these things to the drills you already do every day.If you would like to be a part of our project, or write for our blog, please contact us today.
We're baseball coaches, so we do a lot of that. We coach teams, individuals, and assist with forming leagues and baseball programs as well.We also write a blog because we feel like it helps a great amount of people we normally couldn't reach. We offer membership to our website for players and coaches who want to join our team.We do video analysis year round as well, with pitchers and hitters. We analyze hundreds of videos a year and compare them to high level mechanics that we believe in.
We need players and coaches to join us and help us make this project successful in helping thousands of people around the country.You can join us for free or support our work by joining at a paid level.You can also help us by writing for us or inviting us to write for you!Another great way to help, is by sharing our stuff so that more people know it's out there and join the good fight!
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