Tips For Making Baseball Practice More Intense

Creating A More Intense Baseball Practice

We get asked all the time what we do to make baseball practices more intense, more focused. 

We believe that baseball players need to prepare for competition by doing more than just rolling baseballs around for 3 hours and leaving.  Hitting in the cages is great but it's incomplete.  If you want to have a baseball team that's mentally tough and ready to compete at a high level, you must elevate the intensity of practice time.

We like to do things in series form here, we think our readers get more out of a "one at a time" approach rather than dumping tons of information out there all at once.  So this is part 1 of our "Tips For Making Baseball Practice More Intense" series, and we'll post many more as we go.


One of the best ways to make a baseball drill more intense and mentally focused is to time it. When a baseball player is being timed, he feels a sense of urgency before and during the play.

This is the same sense of urgency and pressure that players feel inside of a real game, so mimicking this feeling in practice is always going to be a benefit and raise the level of practice intensity.

The other advantage of timing a player during a drill, is that it increases the need for the player to plan ahead. The player knows that he will need to perform the drill flawlessly and quickly, so he in turn will visualize and prepare in advance. 

Casually picking up grounders now and then won't have the same impact on the players' development toward being game ready.

Timing also allows a coach to monitor progress in certain skills and drills, and becomes a fun competition tool in practice as well. 

There are a tremendous amount of benefits to timing drills within your baseball practice, and we feel like this one has one of the biggest bangs for your buck.  What we mean is, it has all these awesome benefits and it's really easy to do.  A stopwatch is cheap, and walking around now and then timing your team's infield, base stealing, catcher throws or something else is very convenient.  

It allows a lot of coaching opportunities and increases the intensity of your baseball practices.

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