Staying Positive On The Baseball Field Part 4 – Take a Break

Tips For Staying Positive On The Baseball Field

In the constant search for an edge in this great game we play, staying positive is a must.  Whenever we let frustration or anger get in the way of our progress, we're doing a disservice to our development.  There will be ups and downs of course, a long term approach is always necessary.  

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When the Offseason Arrives, Sometimes It's Best To Take It Off

When the offseason shows up, with the rain and short days for most of us, it's easy to look out the window and wish it was spring again.  However, sometimes the best thing for a baseball player to do in the offseason, is not play baseball.

With turf fields and club teams, there are opportunities for kids to play baseball almost year round in most places.  While we are huge fans of staying involved in the game, and in working hard in the offseason, we are also big fans of letting the baseball part take a rest.

Baseball Is A Tough Game

Baseball can be a negative game, we've all heard that.  Things don't always go your way in baseball, and the game provides plenty of time to stand there and remember each and every time that it didn't work out.  At the same time, baseball players are often very intense athletes and are highly competitive.  This combination can cause a baseball player to think too much about the game's frustrating pieces.

Major League Baseball players play 162 games a year, and they have developed the incredible ability to stay focused and positive for most of that season.  We don't recommend trying the same for most younger players.

It is certainly possible for some young baseball players to stay "tuned in" year round and compete the whole calendar.  Some of those kids would turn out alright, but most wouldn't.  

One of the best ways to keep a baseball player positive and energetic about this awesome game, is to take time off in the offseason.

Become A More Well Rounded Athlete

Play football, basketball, or just hit the gym and stay in shape.  Medicine balls, sprints, do things that will make you better at baseball.  Do those physical things and let your brain stop worrying about batting averages and ERA's for awhile.  It will give you a fresh perspective and renew your desire once again when spring gets close.

We would recommend starting the offseason with a purchase of Eric Cressey's High Performance Handbook and then get to work on your strength and conditioning.  Instead of competing in games, compete against yourself by setting up a great fitness goal.

Staying positive on the baseball field is not easy.  One of the best ways to make it happen is to take a break from competing in this tough game for awhile every year.

Spend the time becoming a better athlete so when spring comes back around you're ready.


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