How To Set Goals For Baseball

I think goals are the best way to get better at something.  So many guys that I see in the cages day to day are working hard, but not necessarily getting better.  In fact, I've seen plenty of them get worse from day to day, because they're taking a ton of bad reps and not focusing on how to do it right.  You've got to be setting goals for baseball if you want to truly elevate your game.

There's a million ways to say this, but this article is going to be short and concise about one specific aspect of setting goals for baseball.

Have a specific goal for EVERY repetition.

These aren't goals that we write down or keep track of, they're mental and physical goals that the player makes himself, for every single rep that he takes.  And they need to be laser focused.

For example, a pitcher who is throwing a bullpen.  Don't just try to throw a strike, don't just try to throw the ball hard, don't even just try to throw an outside fastball.

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Make it more specific than just "outside edge", try to hit a specific piece of lacing on the catcher's mitt.  Try to hit the last flap on the catcher's shin guards.  Find the smallest target that you can find and try to hit that.

For a hitter, don't just swing.  Don't even just try to hit it back up the middle off the tee.  Try to hit a target 4 feet off the ground up the middle, try to hit the top bar on the L screen, go ahead and hit a ground ball to the right side.

Too many guys take reps that don't really TEACH them anything.  Yes we gain from quality reps, there's no doubt.  But quality is relative, and the more specific your goals are, the higher quality your reps will be.

If you're not using goals in your practice, you're leaving a tremendous amount of development on the table.  Please read our other articles about goals for baseball  (there's a lot more to come) and consider joining us here so you can ask questions and get our system material sent to you.

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Thanks for reading!

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