Package of 3 Video Analysis


Package of 3 Video Analysis

$180.00 $99.99

Get 3 full video breakdowns from Baseball Brains!  We will fully analyze your video and send you a PDF (usually about a dozen pages) of breakdown that you can use for immediate improvement and long term guidance.  We will tell you what issues we see, why we think they need to be addressed, and what drills we recommend doing to fix them.  Then, we’ll keep in touch and make sure you’re progressing well by following up with 2 more full video breakdowns!

There is no time limit on the analysis, so if you want to work on the first breakdown for a couple months before sending a new one, that’s fine with us!  This package also comes with email and text communication for as long as your package is active.


Not all 3 have to be the same, but they can be.  For example, we can do two pitching breakdowns and one for hitting as well.


Target your individual needs to elevate your game!  You have different strengths and weaknesses than your peers, let us identify them so you can focus on what's truly important.


Send us videos of your players/students, or a group of them! Click here to ask us about group rates!


Video analysis is a great tool for your players, and also makes a great gift!  We can deliver the analysis on a specific day (via email) so your player can get an awesome gift toward their baseball career!

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