Lead Leg Instability eBook


Lead Leg Instability eBook

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A comprehensive guide on why lead leg instability is so important, what causes it and why is it such a problem, and how to fix it.  After reading this eBook, you’ll discover that this one mechanical component is tied into almost everything else in the pitching motion and a cornerstone component of high velocity pitching.  This eBook is free to our PRO and All-Star members.


The Baseball Brains Pitching Academy Is Proud To Present:

Common Mechanical Issues And How To Fix Them

This series of eBooks is designed to address the most common mechanical issues or physical inefficiencies that we see in pitchers of any age.

The first section of these eBooks will be focused on educating the player and coach about what the problem actually is, and what it looks like. Armed with this information, it is our hope that coaches and players will be able to analyze video and determine whether or not these issues exist in the mechanical aspects of the pitching motion they are viewing.

The second part will be about how to fix the issue. We don't find information in and of itself to be very helpful for coaches and players, if they're not given the tools to fix something that may be wrong. While there is never a “one size fits all” answer to mechanical issues in the pitching motion, we will do our very best to give the reader several different ways that we have had success with in attempting to address any particular problem.

While some mechanical issues make injury or soreness more likely in an athlete, we never say that any one of these, or a combination of all of them, will cause or guarantee an injury. There are just far too many variables and individual considerations to factor in to make such a statement. We are not “injury predictors” and we don't say that you have to follow our advice or you'll end up having Tommy John surgery. We simply believe that strong science, thousands of hours of slow motion video analysis, and decades of personal experience, shows us that there are movement patters and sequences that are more healthy and some that are less. We feel it is our job to teach athletes how to perform at their highest possible level, while remaining as healthy as humanly possible.

While it's true that none of these traits guarantee an injury, it's also inaccurate to say that being void of all of these issues means a pitcher won't get hurt. There are huge amounts of stress being placed on a pitcher's arm and body when he delivers baseballs from a mound, and no amount of mechanical training can fully eliminate the risk of injury. We recommend engaging in a thorough and well researched warm up routine, fitness protocol (year round), and in proper recovery activities. While the Baseball Brains Pitching Academy will continue to work on all of the above for our members to read, there are many great resources out there and we encourage you to research often and become the most well rounded athlete or coach you can be.

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