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    Athlete Screening and Corrective Exercise Bundle

    $175.00 $99.00

    BEST VALUE:  In this bundle you get the Complete Athlete Assessment Protocol, the score sheet we use to evaluate each athlete, and the 50 Best Corrective Exercises and Stretches eBook to address what you found in the screen.

    This is the foundation of our process, and the perfect way to begin any fitness program.  Test the athlete to find any and all weaknesses, physical limitations, and injuries.  Then score the athlete on the easy to use sheet, and consult the Corrective Exercises and Stretches manual to form a plan to fix any and all issues.  For true and real physical training, this process is a must.

    This bundle is available for our members at only $29.

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    Lead Leg Instability eBook

    $10.00 $5.00

    A comprehensive guide on why lead leg instability is so important, what causes it and why is it such a problem, and how to fix it.  After reading this eBook, you'll discover that this one mechanical component is tied into almost everything else in the pitching motion and a cornerstone component of high velocity pitching.  This eBook is free to our PRO and All-Star members.

  • 50 Corrective Exercises eBook


    This eBook contains our best 50 corrective exercises and stretches to address any and all issues found in the athlete screening protocol.  There are numerous corrections for all types of hip mobility issues, shoulder mobility, core instability, lower half strength, and much much more.  Each exercise and stretch is color coded with each test in the screening protocol for easy corrective prescription!

    This eBook is a great standalone tool for any serious baseball player or coach, but it's most useful when used in conjunction with the Athlete Screening Protocol.  This eBook is only $20 for our PRO and All-Star members.

    This product can be purchased as a bundle with the Complete Athlete Screening Protocol eBook by clicking here.

  • Complete Athlete Screening Protocol


    The complete pre-training assessment protocol of Baseball Brains!  Everything you need to perform an exhaustive movement and strength assessment on any athlete.  This document includes what tests we perform, why we perform them, and what the results mean so that you can improve them.  For best results, use with the "50 Best Corrective Exercises and Stretches" eBook (Buy as a bundle here Members get this eBook for 50% off!

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    Early Torso Rotation eBook

    $10.00 $5.00

    Early torso rotation is one of the most common issues with pitchers of all ages.  This eBook explains what it is, why it's a problem, and how to fix it.  Sequenced rotation is a huge separator between high level pitchers and all others, this eBook touches on one of the most critical aspects of it.  All Pitching Academy eBooks are free for PRO or All-Star members.

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    Forearm Flyout eBook

    $10.00 $5.00

    Forearm flyout is an arm action issue that can cause health issues, reduce efficiency and velocity, and really lower the ceiling on any pitcher's potential.  The biggest issue is that you may be teaching it!  This eBook explains what is, why it's a problem, and how to fix it.  All Pitching Academy eBooks are free for PRO and All-Star members.

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