Nothing Happens Until Foot Strike? Wrong!

Pitching Advise is Rampant, Make Sure You're Following The Good Stuff

I keep hearing things on the internet that I don't believe, and I don't have it in me to stop listening.  To say I'm addicted to baseball information, especially about pitching, would be like saying fresh cut infield smells good.  Heck yeah it does!

I just want to touch on this one thing I've heard lately: "Everything happens after foot plant".

I think even some well intentioned pitching coaches have been using this, and if they mean something very specific, then they're sort of right.  We can't actually throw the baseball in a pitch until our front foot is planted.  This is obvious, I mean try it.  Or try to swing a bat like you should, with your left foot off the ground.  Okay now get up and keep reading, you can ice that thing later.

However, to say that NOTHING happens until foot strike, or EVERYTHING happens after it, is not at all correct.

I work with tons of youth pitchers who actually are "pitching" this way.  They've been taught balance points and long strides that are really just long steps down the mound.  To these guys, they're basically just trying to get the foot down so they can throw.

The problem is your leaving SO MUCH in the tank if you believe that nothing happens until your foot is down.

First you gain rhythm, then you gain direction, then you build momentum, and it all culminates with an explosion that happens when the foot lands.  Without all the stuff happening properly before the foot strike, that explosion is more like a little thud.

The pitch, the actual rotation into the throw, really does happen once that front foot lands and the front leg stabilizes.  But to say that nothing else happens before that is way off.  Before that is where you build all of your momentum, which we strive to keep for as long as possible so that the foot strike leads to a ballistic release of all of that energy.

Don't believe every slogan you see, some of them will have you believing things that aren't productive at all.

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