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We affectionately call our members Baseball Brainiacs

They are the backbone of our system and the reason we feel great about working hard to provide excellent content. First of all, we will never stop producing high quality and FREE content for people who do not wish to join us as members.  However, we love the opportunity to provide additional resources for our most loyal friends!

So why would a coach, player, or parent want to be a Brainiac?

You can also visit our store if you prefer not to be a member but want to see all we offer to our fans.

A few more details:


Currently on the download page for members:


  • Colored Baseball Drills eBook
  • PRACTICE chart
  • STAR Goal System
  • 3 PDFs Showing Proper Bat Path
  • Sample workout routines for pitchers
  • Sample 14 page PRO pitching analysis
  • Baseball Brains Pitching Academy eBook, Forearm Flyout
  • Baseball Brains Pitching Academy eBook, Early Torso Rotation
  • Baseball Brains Pitching Academy eBook, Lead Leg Instability
  • And more will be added every month!

PRO Members are automatically enrolled in the Baseball Brains Pitching Academy, so most Academy eBooks and videos are FREE!


If you would rather not become a member, the eBooks are also available here.


We're working on two books right now which will be available on Amazon, and we'll send all members free copies!

  • Top 5 Lifts For Baseball Players
  • Best Movement Assessments For Baseball Players
  • Top 5 Drills For Pitchers
  • Best Corrective Exercises For Baseball Players
  • Baseball Brains Pitching Academy eBooks
  • That's just what we're working on currently, there's plenty more to come!

Contact us if you have any questions.  Accounts are handled automatically through PayPal so cancellations are easy and immediate, you don't even need to contact us to do it.

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