Hitting Drill For More Power – The Happy Gilmore

Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to write about a hitting drill that I see a lot, and often think is misused.

First of all, if we want to hit the ball with more power, we need to involve our body more.  This means getting our legs involved and incorporating a very athletic weight shift into the ball.

One of the best drills that I've seen for this, is the Happy Gilmore drill.  If you're not familiar with this, you should watch the movie.  If you don't want to watch the movie, here's a pretty good video of how to do it.

I really like this drill, and I use it a lot with kids who just haven't learned to use their legs and get their body moving in the swing. However, before you go out and use the drill, here are a few things I've seen that make the drill not so good:

  • Too much movement up and down; Do not dip and dive through the drill, your eyes should remain level and your head quiet as you approach the ball.
  • Legs crossed up; Don't step so far behind that you lose your balance.  We want to encourage dynamic balance through the motion, not lose it.
  • Taking swings without measuring it out; Take some dry cuts to make sure that your steps will get you to the ball in the right place to hit the ball.  I've seen a lot of kids take 7 or 8 swings without ever really getting to where they should be because their steps are not measured correctly.
  • Moving too fast; Movement is good, and fast movement is good.  However, the front leg must be able to stabilize your body on the swing or you're just teaching yourself to "drift".  Move fast, but at a speed that is under control and not causing your front leg to collapse.
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Those are just a few things I was seeing the other day.  The Happy Gilmore drill can be a great drill if it's used correctly, but like any drill for baseball it can also cause some issues if you don't do it quite right.

Take a look at our video analysis section if you would like us to take a look at your swing and offer you some great advice!  We'll see you guys soon!

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