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Occasionally we will also reach out to coaches and other leaders in the field of baseball training and fitness for interviews or articles.  We strive to share as many quality perspectives on these subjects as we can, so some of our guests may not agree with us on everything all the time, and we may differ with them as well.

We love learning from everybody and embracing those who are putting honest products and content on the internet for all to gain from, so we are happy to share what they have to say with our readers.


Places Baseball Brains is Featured:


Cleat GeeksCleat Geeks

Cleat Geeks is a great sports website, covering everything from NASCAR to youth softball.  Baseball Brains is a regular contributor to the site, and we encourage you to check them out!  There's no reason for this site to not be a "go to" for any serious sports fan who is looking for current articles, live scores and stats, and great information from people like us!

Visit Cleat Geeks and make sure you bookmark the site!

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Pitching 101

Pitching 101 is a great website featuring articles from TONS of baseball coaches and leaders in the field of sports performance and training.

The site offers video analysis and some other very cool things, and is truly one of the best blogs out there in terms of expertise and variety of baseball content.

Visit Pitching 101 and see all they have to offer!

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People We Proudly Endorse:

Tewksbary Hittingtewks

Bobby Tewksbary runs a website dedicated to helping hitters learn the "elite hitting patterns" of high level baseball players.  We have his eBook "Elite Swing Mechanics" and can't recommend it highly enough.  We have also interacted with Tewks on many occasions and find him to be a very sincere coach who's primary goal is to really help people.

When you purchase his eBook, you'll receive access to dozens of hours of drills and instruction, as well as 14 days worth of "follow up" emails to guide you through the book.  This thing is worth hundreds of dollars, but thankfully he doesn't charge what it's worth.  Click here to check it out and get your own copy!  We're proud to endorse such great material!

Eric Cressey 495

Eric Cressey is an elite performance coach who is flat out one of the best around.  The wealth of information on his website is amazing, and he knows what it takes to keep people healthy and strong.  For our money, there just aren't many guys who are more current or more relevant that Eric Cressey.

He has many products out there that you can check out, and you can't go wrong with any of them, but his most comprehensive piece of work is his High Performance Handbook.  If you're serious about performing at your maximum potential, or teaching people the art and science of it, there's no better book to check out than this one.

Baseball Brains Contributors


Ben Brewster

Tread Athletics

Ben is on the leading edge of strength and conditioning information, and he combines that with his pitching knowledge to create a great system.  We are always very interested in guys who are "self made" in this world, guys who figured it out and made it work.  Ben's own experience, combined with his education and years of working with baseball players, are the foundation of a great and affordable system.  Please take a look at his book, Building the 95 MPH body!

Here's some information about Ben Brewster from his site:

  • I am the original founder of TreadAthletics and author of Building the 95 MPH Body.
  • Since launching in the fall of 2015, we have worked with over 75 coaching clients (mostly college and pro), consulted with multiple college teams, and sold over 500 copies of the self-published e-book.
  • I was drafted by the Chicago White Sox as a college senior in 2014 (15th round), whom I was with from 2014-2016. I am still training and pursuing my own pro career.
  • I have a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science from the University of Maryland (3.90, Hons), and I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA.

You can follow Ben on Twitter: @TreadAthletics


Casey Fisk

Fisk Performance Trainingf9e68a0f019c58cdc7e4d61425c31600

Casey Fisk is the owner and head performance trainer at Fisk Performance Training.  He holds degrees in exercise science from Illinois State University and in education from Ferris State University.  Casey is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a personal trainer (CPT) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

He's a good friend of Baseball Brains and has a lot to offer all of his Twitter followers as well: @fiskPT

Read his article: A Bone Worth Picking


Coach Brent Pourciau
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance CoachBrent-Pourciau
SNAPCHAT ME @topvelocity
Check out the full Top Velocity 3X Pitching System and see why it has been such a great resource for so many pitchers.

Coach Kyle Nelson

Articles: A Winning Approach During The BBCOR Era

coachCoach Kyle Nelson is the head baseball coach at Burlington Central High School in Burlington, IL. He also owns and operates Cornerstone Coaching Academy which offers online and in person training for youth, travel, and high school players and coaches.

Website: www.cornerstonecoachingacademy.com

Follow him on twitter: @Coach_KNelson

Check out his podcast for baseball coaches HERE



saggeseCoach Rick Saggese

Articles: Setting Goals For Baseball and Softball

Speaker & Performance Coach


twitter: @coachrick37

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