Guest Blogger: Coach Rick Saggese

Today's guest blogging entry comes from Coach Rick Saggese.

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Baseball Brains doesn't necessarily endorse what our guest bloggers have to say (usually we do), but we believe wholeheartedly in exposing our audience to ideas and articles from many different perspectives.  We don't hold a monopoly on great ideas, and we love our friends in the coaching community.  Now for the article!

Coach Rick Saggese

A Goal For Your Development

If you got into a car and started driving but didn't have any idea where
you were going, would this drive end up being successful? Some might say
yes depending on what their purpose was, but most would say no this would be
a waste of time and gas to just drive without a specific destination in
mind. This is why goal setting is important, as it keeps athletes focused
and motivated toward their destination.

I am going to not only tell you it's important to set goals, but also provide
three easy steps to properly set goals to set you up for success. 

First you need to think of attainable goals you want to achieve within the next
3-6 months; these are called short term goals. 

After you decided on your goals you need to put a daily plan in place on how you 
will achieve these goals. This will include specifics which you will list under that
specified goal. 

Finally you need to read these multiple times daily and be
consistent, persistent and patient as you work daily on attaining each

All my clients are required to set goals and share them with me prior to
our second session and then we reevaluate those goals in 3-6 months to
make sure we attained many if not all. I highly recommend setting goals
if you do not currently do so.

Rise Above,

Coach Rick Saggese, BBA
Speaker & Performance Coach
Baseball & Softball Mentor
Twitter: @coachrick37

We don't have any affiliation with Coach Saggese aside from hosting this article, if you have
any questions we encourage you to contact him using the above information.
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