Why Goals For Baseball Are Crucial – Part 1

Goals For Baseball Are Very Important

We're starting a series on why we think goals for baseball are important, please follow us on Twitter to stay up to date!

Reason #1 why goals are important: They give the players something to work toward every day.

We know that one key to keeping a baseball player's confidence high, and keeping a player on a steady upward slope in his development, is to learn something every day.  Not each week or each season, but everyday. When a player has a set of goals that he is trying to reach on a daily, weekly, monthly, and/or season long basis, he forces himself to engage and participate at 100% every single day.

There are no lost or wasted practices because the player knows that his progress is being tracked and that a let down in effort could result in him moving away from his goals.

We hear a lot of coaches say that their goal is for their players to "get better every day", and if they meet that goal then they will have a good team.  Well, they're right, but they typically aren't putting their players in a position to do that.  

Reps alone are not enough most times to truly make somebody better.  They're enough to keep somebody at the level they're at now, but often times it's not enough to improve.

To get better, a player has to be challenged, they have to learn something.  Learn how much further their body can go, learn a new technique, learn how to go faster, something that will elevate their game, not just maintain it.

Goals then, are essential.  Set some numbers and then meet them.  Work on it everyday and then you'll truly be in a position to get better every time you're out there.

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