Drills For Pitching: Quarterbacks


We're always looking for great pitching drills.

Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, our eyes and ears are open for new ideas about how to make pitchers better.  One great set of drills that we use for pitchers is called quarterbacks.  It's no secret where it got its' name and it's exactly what you think.

We have the athlete act like they're a quarterback starting under center awaiting the snap.  When the pitcher begins the drill, he will drop back or roll out in a predetermined way and then aggressively throw the ball toward the target.

Here are some things that this pitching drill can improve:

  • Athleticism, body control, and motor coordination.
  • Awareness of how to be under control while the body is moving.
  • Keeping eye contact on target while body is in motion.
  • Helps to fix many mechanical issues related to various types of "disconnection" from the body.
  • Cleans up arm action by connecting it to the body's movement.
  • Teaches pitcher how to aggressively move body and throw accurately.
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We are huge fans of athletic pitchers (thanks to Ron Wolforth for the term, not to mention the inspiration).  We believe that too many pitchers are focused on "steps" and balance points during the motion, when they should be focused on being explosive and in good rhythm.

How to perform the "quarterbacks" pitching drill:

Well we already laid it out basically, the pitcher just acts like a quarterback.  We suggest using a variety of "drop backs" and roll outs, to keep the body adapting and the drill fresh.  For example, the first couple can be just a straight 7 step drop straight back.  Upon reaching the end of the 7 steps, the pitcher plants his rear foot and aggressively drives into the target and throws.  This should happen quickly, more like a plyo-bounce than a stop-and-then-throw.

The next couple can be 3 steps, or the angle can be changed so the pitcher is now dropping back to the right or left.  If you're in a big enough area for this drill, the pitcher can also roll out to the side like he's running an option.  Again, the more variation the better.

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Quarterbacks can be a great pitching drill and can be used for non pitchers as well to increase athleticism and throwing accuracy.

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