Baseball Workouts Are Not All or Nothing

Hey guys, we're into the offseason now, so baseball workouts are at full speed.  I love it!

We have guys throwing medicine balls, whipping ropes around, working with bands, and doing a lot of good ole fashioned agility work with some sprinting thrown in for good measure.

We love working out, and we think it's the foundation onto which you need to build your baseball career.  So much of what we teach and the things we believe in are made possible with proper strength and conditioning.

The one thing I wanted to touch on here though, is that so many guys this time of year look at working out as an "all or nothing" proposition and they don't need to.

A lot of baseball players are playing football right now, and then they'll go into basketball.  For these guys, working out for baseball seems daunting.  It seems like too much extra work, so they don't do any.

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There's nothing wrong with doing some other things, the physical skills you'll gain in another sport will go a long way to making you a better all around athlete.  Plus, a break from baseball is good for a lot of guys.

I want to say that strength and conditioning doesn't have to all be done in one day.  You do not have to work out for an hour and half, five days a week to get stronger.  If all you have is a half hour a few times a week, USE IT!

The work you do this offseason is cumulative.  That means, for example, that a thousand swings in the cages is a thousand swings in the cages.  It doesn't matter if you took them in one month, or three, it's a thousand swings.

Twenty on one day and thirty the next is all you have time for this week?  Do it!  That's 50 swings you won't get if you talk yourself out of it just because you couldn't take 100.

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Every year there are kids that come out to the field in the spring who have done 10% of that they could have just because they couldn't give it 100% all the time.

Look, we love dedication.  We believe in baseball and find it impossible to resist.  We love the cage rats, and we're there with them every day.  This post isn't really for us.  It's for our friends, and those that will be our teammates next spring that are on a different field right now.

If you're doing other things this offseason, especially if it's another sport, remember that baseball workouts don't have to be "all or nothing".

A little bit is better than nothing!    See you at the cages!

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