Baseball Hitting Drill – Two Ball Toss

There are a lot of baseball hitting drills that we think could be much better with a simple twist added to them.  Almost every baseball coach does short toss for batting practice.  This hitting drill is a variation on that drill.  It adds a second baseball, and elevates the simple short toss drill to something more worthy of the Baseball Brains system.

Two Ball Toss Drill

The Two Ball Toss Drill is a new take on the oldest drill in baseball. In this hitting drill, a coach holds two baseballs in one hand and throws soft toss to a batter.

This drill may take some practice for the coach, to learn how to throw the 2 balls into the air in a way that makes one higher, and one lower. Once the throwing style is mastered, the coach will throw soft toss as normal.

When the coach throws the balls, he then yells “low” or “high”. The batter then zeroes in on the ball which the coach tells him to hit, and hits the ball. This develops concentration, focus, reaction, and flexibility at the plate.

If you've been using the colored ball drill, you can also use those in this drill. Throw two balls of differing colors and have the hitter zero in on a color instead of “high” or “low”. Using colored balls in this drill adds an element of quick identification that makes the drill tougher, but also upgrades the work being done on vision and reaction.

One of the best benefits of this hitting drill that we've found, is that it forces the player to stay back and wait for your call of which ball to hit. The hitter cannot go out and get the pitch, he must keep his hands back and wait for the ball to get to him.

If you're doing short toss, you should be using this hitting drill periodically.

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