Baseball Coaches Need To Focus Too

If you're anything like me (and if you're reading this I assume you are), you run across a million pieces of advice about baseball coaching and drills for players, and you're not quite sure who to believe or what to use.

I wrote an article about how a lot of online coaches are excellent at marketing, and that marketing can make if far more difficult for the everyday player or coach to know what's right and what's not.

I would like to offer this piece of advice about your online searching: stay focused.

It's easy to get overwhelmed and go from "guru to guru" in search of new advice or the latest and greatest drill.  What happens far too often in this pursuit however, is that you run passed a bunch of good stuff or forget the good stuff you already know.

A coach does not need a hundred drills to help his students or team, he needs ten really good ones.

More importantly, he needs groupings of drills that are all directly attached to his goals and coaching principles. 

You need players to buy into your system and your thinking about this game.  They won't do that if you're all over the map and unable to fully explain why you're teaching what you're teaching.

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You have principles and philosophies as a coach.  If you don't know what they are, stop what you're doing and find out.  Write it down on paper, and examine what you believe and why.

Then find drills and advice that fits your philosophies.

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If you really like something you read but don't know how to attach it to what you're already teaching, work hard to do it.  Think about it from every angle you can find and determine the best way to link it to what your current approach.  If you find that's impossible, you're probably better off leaving it alone.

Don't scour the internet just blindly reading everything you can find and trying it out the next day in the cages.

One thing we do sometimes at Baseball Brains, is think of a great drill that we love, and then invent or discover variations of it.

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Usually this requires us to swing a bat or throw some pitches, but there's no better way to understand it than to do it.  We start with one drill that concretely fits our thinking, and then three or four things that we can do off of that one drill.

You already give credit to all the "gurus" for having such a great "system" (in fact you probably have paid money for that system a time or two), this is how you can build your very own.  If you're fully dedicated to your teaching, your players will be far more dedicated to their learning. 

Good luck guys!

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