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Target your individual needs to elevate your game!  You have different strengths and weaknesses than your peers, let us identify them so you can focus on what's truly important.


Send us videos of your players/students, or a group of them! Click here to ask us about group rates!


Video analysis is a great tool for your players, and also makes a great gift!  We can deliver the analysis on a specific day (via email) so your player can get an awesome gift toward their baseball career!

Baseball Brains' coaches do video analysis everyday for pitchers and hitters of all ages.  We've worked with kids as young as 8 and as old as 38, and provide in depth analysis which allows you to improve your skills.

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Click Here to see a sample PRO pitching analysis!

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All-Star Braniacs get a Lifetime Package Included FREE!

Also all initial consultations are free for members.

Our software is able to break down your video into still pictures and slow motion, and we can also draw lines and text on the pictures so you can easily see what we're talking about.

We allow our students to purchase an "initial consultation" for only $9 to try out Baseball Brains.  If you want to take advantage of that great deal, read the steps below.  If you just want to go ahead with full analysis, skip the steps below and check out the packages at the bottom!

Your video analysis is as easy as 1,2, 3!

1: Send us a video of a hitter or pitcher (or both).

If possible, please take video from behind player (second base toward home for pitchers, catcher looking toward mound for hitters), and the front side (looking at the player, face to face).

Google drive is an excellent way of sending the videos, as are other cloud services which allow large files.  You can also upload your video to YouTube (easy to do) and then send us the link to the video.  If you have questions or problems with sending the video, contact us and we'll help you out.

2: After we have confirmed that we have received your video, pay $9 for the initial consultation with PayPal.

Once we get your video(s) and the $9, we will go to work on an initial analysis.  This will be a relatively short analysis which includes one fault/issue that we've found in the video.  You do not have to be a member of PayPal, and they accept all major cards as well as bank accounts.

3: Decide if you want a full analysis.

If you get the initial analysis and decide you would like a full video analysis, simply send us the additional amount (use PayPal to send us the cost of the package below, minus $9) and we'll get to work!  A full analysis is several pages of pictures and text explaining all of the advice we have to improve your skills.  It will include drills and ideas that will help you out, and we'll always be available for follow up communication as well.

If you would rather skip the $9 initial consultation, feel free to simply purchase a package below!

STARTER PACKAGE:  $49 for hitting or pitching, $85 for both  SAVE OVER 10% when you purchase both!

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  • In addition to your initial analysis, this package includes an in depth video analysis sent to you via email.
  • Includes ONE follow up analysis to make sure you're on track!
  • Includes lifetime email correspondence if you need to talk to a coach.  (No video after the first follow up)

PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE: $99 for hitting or pitching/$175 for both SAVE OVER 10% when you purchase both!

Click Here to see a sample PRO Pitching Analysis!

  • In addition to your initial analysis, this package includes an in depth video analysis sent to you via email.
  • Includes THREE follow up video analysis sessions to provide you with long term guidance!
  • Includes lifetime email correspondence
  • Includes 25% off all of our future offers including our upcoming Baseball Brains System Manual!

LIFETIME PACKAGE: $299 for hitting or pitching/$499 for both SAVE $100 when you purchase both!

  • In depth video analysis sent to you via email
  • Includes UNLIMITED LIFETIME follow up video analysis!
  • Includes Lifetime email correspondence
  • Includes 50% off all our future offers including our upcoming Baseball Brains System Manual!


CLICK HERE to contact us for more information including a sample analysis and payment information!


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