Athlete Screening and Corrective Exercise Bundle


Athlete Screening and Corrective Exercise Bundle

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BEST VALUE:  In this bundle you get the Complete Athlete Assessment Protocol, the score sheet we use to evaluate each athlete, and the 50 Best Corrective Exercises and Stretches eBook to address what you found in the screen.

This is the foundation of our process, and the perfect way to begin any fitness program.  Test the athlete to find any and all weaknesses, physical limitations, and injuries.  Then score the athlete on the easy to use sheet, and consult the Corrective Exercises and Stretches manual to form a plan to fix any and all issues.  For true and real physical training, this process is a must.

This bundle is available for our members at only $29.


The Baseball Brains Athlete Screening Protocol

This document serves as a guideline for all trainers, coaches, and athletes in the Baseball Brains family. It is meant to provide clear protocols for evaluating the health and overall fitness of an athlete. While it doesn't need to be followed 100% in order to be effective, the tests and evaluations that we've chosen to include in this manual were handpicked for their effectiveness and usefulness in training high level athletes.

We did not invent these exercises or evaluations, though the way they are used and presented here is unique to our system. The resources that Baseball Brains used to create this screening process are listed at the end of this document.

It's very important to note that athletes will present in many different ways, and there is no one right way to treat them all. While we have tried to include the reasons for the tests as well as what the results from each test may indicate, it is not always the case for every athlete. Whenever there is doubt about pain or failed tests, we recommend consulting a medical professional or referring the athlete to one.

Health is the number one priority in our system, which is why this protocol is the very first one an athlete goes through when they sign up to train in the Baseball Brains system. Many athletes have limitations that they don't even know about, and it's our experience that cleaning those up raises an athlete's ceiling much faster than jumping right into sport specific training.

If you have any questions about any of the material, please email

Your purchase of this eBook entitles you to the following services as well:

-You can send us the completed scoresheet for any athlete who has performed the assessment, and we'll send back our recommendations for corrective exercises and stretches. This requires that you have also purchased the “50 Best Corrective Exercises” eBook, as we will use that as a reference for our recommendations. If you have not or cannot purchase that eBook, let us know and we will help you in another way if possible. We do this free of charge.

-Send us video of any test being performed if you have questions about it and we'll tell you if you're doing it right and what we think the score may be. This is also free.

-We will perform discounted video analysis for the “mechanics screen” portion of the protocol, contact us for details at


How To Use This Guide:

1. Read through the entire protocol before you start. Contact Baseball Brains if you have any questions at

2. Read through the scoresheet at the end of this document, again contact us if any of the scoring is unclear

3. Perform this Athlete Screening Protocol with an athlete, scoring each test or writing notes for it on the scoresheet

4. With final scoresheet in hand, make a note of anything the athlete scored less than 3 on, or didn't pass. For tests which require measurements, make a note of any of them which are less than optimal or indicate asymmetry.

5. Consult the “50 Best Corrective Exercises and Stretches” eBook and assign recommendations to the athlete to overcome inefficiencies or issues.

6. The tests in this manual and the exercises in the correctives eBook are color coded to indicate which exercises and stretches are designed to address the most common issues found in the test. Each exercise and stretch also has the area of focus written after its' name, such as “hip mobility”.

7. Send Baseball Brains the completed scoresheet for any athlete, and we'll help you design a plan for the athlete to work on his specific weaknesses.

8. The set of exercises and stretches which result from this process are meant to supplement a more comprehensive strength and fitness plan.
Thanks and happy training!


Athlete Screening Corrective Exercises and Stretches


Feel free to send us video or pictures of any athlete performing these exercises if you have questions about how to perform them.

Remember that our members get our eBooks for free or nearly free, and will be the first to get in on our High Performance Athletic Development Series.

Baseball Brains Membership

This document can be used by itself to improve the areas noted after each exercise or stretch, but is best suited for use with our Complete Athlete Screening Protocol.  In fact, each exercise or stretch is color coded with each test in the screening manual to easily match up which correctives are advised for which tests.

While we didn't invent these exercises, we have slightly modified many of them to fit our needs. In some cases there will be variations mentioned which may suit the particular athlete better than the primary exercise.

It is important to note that a lot of athletes will be given these “corrective” exercises because they have an inefficiency in one or more movement patterns. Because of this, it is important to monitor each stretch or exercise to make sure pain is not present. There are many options presented for each mobility pattern, so if one of them causes pain for the athlete, another should be chosen.

These are corrective exercises for the functional movement screen portion of our Complete Athlete Screening Protocol, it is not a weightlifting program or pitching mechanics guide. Those things will be discussed further in other Pitching Academy eBooks.

It is our opinion that this and the functional movement screen are the two most important documents to begin training with. The goal is to clear up any inefficiencies or issues in the body before we start to work on pitching mechanics or overall strength. Problems in those two areas may indeed be caused by mobility problems, so we must start with the beginning.


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