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Hey guys,  I would like to recommend a book to you today that I think is just awesome.  There are many different "camps" in the pitching community, which is another way of saying there are tons of "gurus" who want your money.   We will provide as much material as we can for free, and we love to have conversations with baseball people so feel free to reach out.

We certainly have a way of thinking about pitching, and we'll be sharing that with you as we go.

This book is valuable no matter what guru or pitching instructor you buy into.  That is unless the guy you like or work with doesn't believe that our brain is a very powerful tool.   The book is The Mental ABC's of Pitching by H.A. Dorfman.

mental abc's of pitching

There are many books from H.A. Dorfman that I really like, they are written for anybody to understand and in a very useable way.  If you're looking for something you can pick up now and then for some quick and sound tips and tricks, this one is great.


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