Great Baseball Hitting Drill – Two Tees

Two Tee Hitting Drill

One of the goals for a hitter in baseball is to be able to react quickly, especially to something he may not expect. Seeing that a pitch is a curveball is hard enough, doing it in time to then react to it can be extremely difficult.  It's important then to find a hitting drill or two that teach this ability to react.

The Two Tee Drill is a great hitting drill designed to improve reaction at the plate, this time during the stride of the hitter. Reacting during the stride of the swing is crucial because the stride will almost always have started BEFORE the pitch has left the hand of the pitcher or it is identified.

Thus, adaptability throughout the stride process is very important if a hitter is to be able to react and adapt successfully at the plate.

How To Do The Two Tee Hitting Drill

  1. Two tees are set up at home plate. One is set up in front of the plate, on the inside corner. The other is set up in the middle of the plate, on the outside corner. The tee in front (inside) needs to be lower than the tee in the back (outside).

  2. Two players will participate together in this drill. One is the hitter, and the other is the announcer and scorekeeper.

  3. The hitter will begin his stride and begin to approach the balls to hit them, and the announcer will yell out “inside” or “outside”. The hitter then reacts to the announcer and hits the ball which was called out.

The announcer can also be a scorekeeper in this drill if a goal sheet is to be kept. The announcer can keep track of where and how the balls were hit and record that on the goal sheet. For example, the percentage of “outside” balls which were line drives compared to inside. This is a very good hitting drill to improve reaction and focus at the plate.

There's another hitting drill that's a little bit similar to this one that we've written about but it incorporates front toss as well.

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