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Lead Leg Instability Is A Very Common Problem

Of all the pitching mechanics that coaches look at, the lead leg isn't a common checkpoint.  We believe that starting from the end of the pitchers delivery (or just before it when the front foot plants and bear weight) is a smart approach.  

We are big proponents of getting more momentum built into the pitching motion.  Lots of energy moving in a good direction so that when the front foot lands and braces, the pitcher can turn that energy into a powerful delivery.  

The problem is that if lead leg instability exists, all of this energy and momentum can leak.  It's in this way that starting at the end is smart, because the stuff happening at the beginning won't matter unless the final piece works.

Here is a great little PDF we put together that talks about lead leg instability and why it's an issue.  In our experience there isn't a lot of attention paid to this particular issue in most coaching, but there should be.  Thanks for subscribing to our email list, we promise no spam!

Enjoy the eBook and watch for more to pop up as well!

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