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We search every single day for things that we can do as coaches and players to make baseball practice more valuable. Specifically, we strive to involve the mental game of baseball to a much higher and more intense degree than traditional practice usually does.

Baseball Brains is built upon the theory that baseball coaches believe that baseball is a mental game, but don't really know how to practice it.

There is a tremendous amount of phenomenal material out there about the mental game in terms of psychology and mental strategies. Positive self talk, visualization, controlled breathing, and cues to “stay in the moment”. Those are great things for players to use on the baseball field. However, they are tough and challenging things for many coaches to include in their practice plans.

That's why we made the drills we use today. We took all of the traditional physical drills we were already doing, and added a fresh dose of mental training. We wanted to build drills that would push our players closer to mental game mastery without the players ever knowing it. Drills that any coach could do, with some baseballs and some creativity.

Concentration, focus, flushing mistakes and getting back into the next rep, visual training, rapid decision making skills, adaptability...these are the skills which we feel are vital in the mental game, and they're exactly what the Baseball Brains System adds to every drill we do. Some of these drills we invented, some of them we don't know who invented but it probably wasn't us, and many of them are borrowed from old drills people have used for years with a few pieces added.

These drills are by no means the only way to do this stuff. Baseball Brains doesn't etch it's information in stone, we ball it up and put it on the pottery table for all other coaches and players to shape and design how they see fit. Baseball training is very individual, and these drills are ideas for each individual who reads them. Take what you can use, take the core of these drills, and then add anything that you want to in order to make it fit your style and philosophies.

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If you paid for this eBook, know that you just helped us support a tremendous organization, The Wounded Warrior Project. There's more information at the end of this eBook, including additional ways you can help. Thanks again to all of our supporters, we love you guys!

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