Don Mattingly Is Clueless About Hitting

Sometimes Resume Doesn't Mean Good Coach


I am never surprised when I hear a professional baseball player (or former player) giving bad advice about hitting.  I'm not surprised because I hear it constantly from them.  Incredible baseball players who are regurgitating old school junk advice because they've heard it from all their old school junk coaches growing up. Don Mattingly is one of the worst hitting coaches out there, but he's not alone.

People believe this stuff because it's coming from a professional player or coach, and so they pass it along themselves.  And so the cycle goes, and the horrible advice just continues to be given.

I'll write more on this subject because it's important, but I'll leave you with this thought for right now.  Just because somebody is good at baseball doesn't mean they know how to teach it.  A lot of times the relationship between the two is the opposite of that, so be careful who you're listening to.

Yes I know, Don Mattingly hit .307 in 14 seasons in the big leagues.  I didn't say the man can't hit, I said he's clueless about HOW he did it.

By the way, I don't know Don Mattingly and this is not meant in any way to be critical of him, the man.  I wish him only the best, but this horrific hitting advice needs to be called out because there are people out there that will believe anything a "pro" says.

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2 comments on “Don Mattingly Is Clueless About Hitting”

  1. Yankeecowboy Reply

    When you hear that they “drop the bat head on the ball”, is that a misleading statement

    • baseballbrains Reply

      Hey, thanks for reading. I think that dropping the bat head ON the ball is indeed misleading, yes. What is really happening is the bat head is dropping into the hitting zone and then making contact with the back of the baseball.

      We would never actually want the barrel of the bat to drop onto the top of the ball, for all the reasons that have been discussed here and many other places.

      Thanks again for your comment!

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